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Asset Protection, Bankruptcy, and Small Business Reorganization in Ponte Vedra, FL

McConnell Law Group

McConnell Law Group, P.A. is a boutique law firm with a focus on corporate formation and restructuring, bankruptcy, and creditor rights issues. As our motto, “Building a Better Foundation,” indicates, our mission is to assist our clients in building a solid foundation for future financial success. Whether that mission is accomplished through assisting clients in the business formation phase or through assisting clients as they navigate through personal financial difficulties, McConnell Law Group, P.A. has the experience and insight necessary to help you lay the foundation for a bright future.

For those of our clients who find themselves in financial distress, we strive to provide the personal attention needed to help them find the best solution to their financial problems. McConnell Law Group, P.A. is not a bankruptcy mill — all potential clients meet repeatedly with Mr. McConnell and can rest assured that it will be a lawyer, not a paralegal, who will be handling their case and preparing all the filings with the Court. Additionally, though McConnell Law Group, P.A. is a bankruptcy law firm, we will first look for solutions to our clients’ problems outside of filing for bankruptcy protection. We only recommend bankruptcy when we feel it is the only legitimate option for our clients.

For our creditor clients, Mr. McConnell has a vast amount of experience representing both corporate and individual creditors. Thus, we understand that the elderly couple holding a private mortgage on a former home has very different needs and concerns from the corporate creditor client. We assess each creditor client’s needs on an individual basis to develop with the client the most efficient, cost effective means for achieving the client’s goals. Above all, we work with the clients to help them make the best business decision given the situation.